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I’ve been an illustrator for 25 years, based in Bristol, UK, through a few styles and pseudonyms in that time (editorial in particular is very fashion conscious and needs to keep up with the times).

Clients include newspapers (The Guardian,  The Washington Post, The Mirror and Financial Times), many many magazines (longest regular contribution: 15 years), Design clients including BBC, BT, Mars, VW, The Post Office, Tork (Sweden), Nescafe, Budget car Insurance, GlaxoSmithKline , Just Retirement and American Express. Also storyboard work for Aardman and at the BBC, working with the lovely (and to be honest, slightly mad) Martin Hughes-Games when he was a mere producer. And producing artwork and toolkits to be animated for title sequences, web films/games and Adverts. I do a good line in portraits. And some pretty sharp infographics and icons (link to standalone infographics site). There is also a toe dipped into childrens work (which is a lovely and hugely enjoyable counterbalance to the more graphic stuff).

Lots of The Guardian Sports ones give me five hours from getting copy to thinking of idea/s, drawing roughs, getting roughs approved and then producing finished artwork. I’m pretty deadline battle-hardened and have never missed one.

It’s a great profession to be in, and love both creative sides of the coin: the ideas and the artwork.



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